Friday, August 7, 2009

Dear all,

I am writing 2 books. 1. A Brief History of Rakhaing (Arakan) and 2. On the Evolution of the
Rohingya Problem in the Rakhaing State because this Rohingya Problem becomes very serious
and dangerous for the Rakhaing Race, Religion and Culture.
Many Rakhaings fear that the destiny similar to Palestinians and Kurds will befall to the
Rakhaings (Arakanese) because:

(a) The Rakhaings do not have their own nation any more since 1784. The majority of
Rakhaings live in the Rakhine State of Burma (Arakan). Some of them are in Chittagong
District in Bangladesh and some live in Tripura (India), who are named Maghs by the
Bengalis and Indians, however, Anauk-tha by the Arakanese (Rakhaings) in Burma.

(b) Almost all Islamic states backed the ‘Rohingya Movement’ because of Pan Islamism and
helped them by all possible means.

(c) The powers like USA, EU, Canada, and Australia forced the Burmese Junta to accept the
“Repatriation of Rohingyas” because they never trust this Junta from the very beginning.
The Burmese Military Government had and has very bad reputation in both internal and
international media. Hence, even if this Junta states the correct fact, it would be
considered as a lie.

(d) Even China forced the Burmese Junta to accept the “Repatriation of Rohingyas” because
the Chinese do not want to lose their face towards their Muslim Customers and do not
want to lose their market. Many Muslim countries are big trade partners of China, who
especially bought arms from China regularly.

(e) Burmese usually want to play ‘the Role of the Big Brother’ and sniffling their nose
everywhere in the places of the minorities. Without knowing the background they
interfere too much in minorities’ affairs. U Nu and AFPFL government granted Burmese
citizenship to many Bengalis just to win the election as well as to punish the Rakhaings
who supported the oppositions. Later, the various Military Juntas did not want to invite
UN authorities during the liberation war in East Pakistan and also in post-war era,
unfortunately, however, made aborted Nga Min (King Dragon) Operations which
‘invited’ hundred of thousands of Bengalis into Arakan.

(f) Some fanatic Burmese opposition groups supported the “Rohingya Movement” without
knowing the history and facts properly because they hate the Military Junta. So, they are
following the saying: “The enemy of my foe is my friend”.

(g) Some Journalists from the Western Nations unwittingly support “the claims of the
Rohingyas” without knowing the facts and history properly. This is the most dangerous
point. Now, Rakhaings, the real sons and daughters of Arakan have to make a campaign
to prove and struggle for the right of their mother land.

By U Khin Maung Saw, Berlin


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