Thursday, December 31, 2009

The December the Blood-Snow drops down

At the night of the December so cool,
The peoples’ celebrating “Happy New Year”
I whose Freedom and Land have been lost,
Didn’t wish to take part in it;
I didn’t wish to feel happy
Under the word “Happy”.

It’s a really enjoyable one for other people,
Yet not for me, and all Arakanese as well.
For our Grand Parents, Great Grand Parents
And Great Great Grand Parents’ Blood dropping down
Along the Rakhaing Roma Mountain
And in the whole my Father Land, Arakan Kingdom
In this month, cool December.

Ohh! December, December,December!
In this month our Arakanese’s blood
Dropped down onto the Earth together with snow.
Our Arakanese sacrificed their lives;
All our heritages were destroyed by Burmese
In this so cool December.

Despite it’s been for over Two Hundred Years
For losing our Kingdom, our Freedom;
For our Arakanese’s blood falling down;
For Our heritage being destroyed,
I and all Arakanese can’t disappear in their mind
What happened in the past time.

Ohh! December, December, December!
How I (and all Arakanese) can forget
The 31st Day of December!
8:37 pm

(For unforgetable day of 31st December when our Kingdom was invaded by Burmese King, all classes of Arakanese were killed, and all our Heratages were destroyed)


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