Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Youth Hospitalized in Maungdaw After Robbery


Maungdaw: A robbery that took place in the early morning hours in downtown Maungdaw on the western border of Burma has resulted in one youth hospitalized with critical injuries.

Maung Maung Kyaw, 19 years old, was hospitalized at Maungdaw general hospital this morning after being shot in his left side by robbers, said a relative of his.

"A group of robbers wearing Nasaka uniforms entered Daw Ma Hla Shwe's house by introducing themselves in Burmese as Nasaka forces inspecting visitor lists. After that, they committed the robbery," he said.

The home of Daw Ma Hla Shwe, an Arakanese woman, is located in Myo Okk Village in Ward No. 3 in Maungdaw.

"During the robbery, some robbers tried to tie Maung Maung Kyaw with rope. He cried out for help in fear. At that time, the robber shot him with the gun," he added.

The robbers ran away after the gun was fired because many villagers rushed to the house to attack the robbers.

Another youth from the ward said, "We seized one locally-made gun and a cap of Nasaka forces in the house soon after the robbers fled. We thought the robbers might be Nasaka men or model villagers because they spoke Burmese fluently."

The robbery was reported to the Maungdaw police station but no arrests have been made.

People in Maungdaw suspect some Nasaka men committed the robbery because it took place in the town while many Nasaka forces were deployed to improve security in the area.

Ref: Narinjara


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