Tuesday, August 17, 2010

5 Burmese Arrested with Bangladesh Passports

Dhaka: Bangladesh police on Wednesday arrested five Burmese nationals with Bangladesh passports in the capital Dhaka, according to a police report.

The report stated that five Burmese nationals along with two Bangladeshis were arrested with Bangladesh passports Wednesday night in a raid on Hotel Shuvo Internationa in the Askhon area of Dhaka.

The arrested Burmese were identified as 27-year-old Mohammad Kaies, 22-year-old Jahed Alam, 20-year-old Rahidullah, 20-year-old Amin, 22-year-old Ershad, while their Bangladesh partners were identified as Hossain Mobarak and Adamzi, both 23 years old.

A police source said the Burmese nationals are from Arakan State and they admitted they obtained the Bangladesh passports using false documents.

Burmese nationals using Bangladesh passports are getting involved in crime abroad, besmirching the image of Bangladesh, the police source added.

However, Burmese Muslim youth Habi Owler, who is living in Chittagong, denied this accusation and said many Muslim people from Arakan have traveled to Middle Eastern countries, including Saudi Arabia, using Bangladesh passports in order to find work.

He added that Muslims in Arakan State are unable to travel freely abroad, or even within the state and because of this some enter Bangladesh and obtain Bangladesh passports so they can travel abroad and find jobs.



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