Saturday, September 4, 2010

Free Ashun Pinnyasara (Burmese pronounciation: Ashin Pyinnyasara)

World Arakanese Community has created Online Petition for
Ven.Pinnasara who was arrested by Burmese Military Government also
known as State Peace and Development Councial (SPDC) on Tueday, July
27, 2010.

Ashun Pinnyasara, 57, is one of the famous Monks of Arakan and he is
highly esteemed by Arakanese people due to his good morality and
selflessness. As antiquarian and historian, he collected a lot of
valuable curios and palm leaf inscriptions which are all Arakanese
ancient materials as evidences and documents. And he was taking care
120 children, whose parents are lost, in his monastery like orphanage.

Burmese military personals occupied his Buddhist monastery, all
ancient materials of his properties which are belonging to Arakanese
National and 90 of his orphans were sent to Mandalay and Maguey far
away from their native place of Arakan by Burmese Army. He is sued by
unacceptable Seven Cases of lawsuit by Burmese authorities who have
created a lot of issues among the Burmese and Arakanese. He recently
transferred from Police Station I to Akyab jail and he was faced two
times had summoned for jury to the court of Akyab.

As the expression of World Arakanese Community concern to be released
of Ven. Pinnyasara, and they have  created and published web email
signature campaign globally and all Arakanese and all people from
Burma should be united to show the signature as this is one of causes
of our concern under the unlawful rule of SPDC.
(We kindly request you to fwd this email as much as you can)
Please sign your petition via the following link.

Arakan Indobhasa


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